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JD Sebastian, Creator of WEPT.TV

Welcome to WEPT.TV — World Environment Protection Team

The time to save ourselves from runaway climate change is now.  The brilliant, bright and GLORIOUS NEWS is that it is well within our power to reverse what we ourselves have caused and are continuing to perpetuate up to this present time.  We can reverse climate change!

Earth has been able to sustain life for all us living beings upon her surface and in her waters for eons before human beings came into the picture and throughout most of our history.  She has had times of ice ages which followed times of carbon increase in the atmosphere.  For whatever reason the carbon in the atmosphere happened in those past times, we don’t know, but we do know the cause of the increase of carbon in her atmosphere at this time in human history, for it started and grew with our industrial age of burning fossil fuels on massive and ever-increasing levels.

Some have lost hope, completely convinced we have passed a certain tipping point, past the point of no return.  I assure you, they are incorrect.

I owe my awakening to what is going on with our climate to our beloved international scientific community who have been actually trying to reason with the rest of us for decades, some as early as a century ago.  Indeed, it is our world’s brightest minds in matters of climatology, geology, agricultural, sustainability of whom I personally wish to support and serve more than anyone else in the world, for they are the ones who should be guiding us toward our best possible path away from the self-destruction we have already set in motion.

But the reason I am ablaze with passionate hope for humanity and for the rest of life on earth is because I have this one secret which ten years of seeking the heart of Nature and all of the mysterious Divine has imprinted upon my mind and raised my frequency to its level:

  • Earth is asking us for a Sabbath: one day a week of none of our smoke.  She needs to take a routine breath of fresh air, a weekly break from our constant onslaught of smog.
  • She is ready to ASTOUND us with her power of resiliency, once she has our solidarity–our unity–in supporting Nature, nurturing and not crucifying her, as we have been–collectively, as a species–since the dawning of the Industrial Revolution, or more specifically, since our discovery and burning coal, oil and gas to power our machines, homes, industries, our economies.

If you are uncomfortable with me referring to Earth with the gender of She, then I would ask you to translate my reference to “Mother Earth”, “Mother Nature” or “Gaia” (the personification of Earth as an interconnected living life form) to simply “the balance of Nature.”

And I know we are going to give Earth what she is asking for because of this:

I believe in my species.

I know that we are better than this!  

We have written into our core DNA–as a species—a very strong and primal instinct to survive, and because we are too wise to knowingly “shoot ourselves in the foot”… and wipe ourselves off the face of this planet.  

Earth Sabbath begins when any one household chooses to unplug from the grid for 24 hours once a week.  It can become the rallying cry all across the world for those who have made the choice to join others across the land and sea who have made the choice to work together to survive and while working to reverse climate change and heal our land.

For ten years I have worked with all of my energy to think through this, to pray, meditate, research and go through much technical training to rise to the occasion of grasping what we can to turn around this big Titanic ship floating in a sea toward the melting yet very threatening ice bergs.

My goal has been not to faithfully convey the wishes of our Earth for us to give her a Sabbath, but to truly hone in on the details on how we can get the job done–of course, not ALL the details, but enough ideas and structure to get this Conversation, Vote and Unified Action going.

I am NOT presuming to be the leader of a new formation of a unified, cohesive human society.

What I am offering is to work alongside of you and with as many people who wish to unite together to save one and only habitat, Earth and the delicate balance of nature absolutely required for our continued ability to drink fresh drinking water, eat food from the harvest of our fields, live on dry safe ground and breathe air fresh enough and oxygen-infused enough for us to survive and even once again, to thrive.

As one who has walked a long road of technology, I can faithfully proclaim that Technology is ready to serve Humanity in our present need to come together and move as a cohesive group in the same direction: the opposite direction of our current trajectory of total self and climatic destruction.

Before I share any more with you, I wish to direct your attention to the book I have begun and am now asking others to team up with me in co-writing, a co-writing project that will mature and develop and continue to be edited and updated as long as it is a helpful guide for us.

A Plan To Save Earth is presented on this site in its first generation of a collaborative platform.  You may read it directly on the web pages if that works well with you, or you may access the same content that is on these web pages by downloading or viewing online Google Docs, Microsoft Word documents, Plain Text files, PDF files, and Audio only, whenever recordings have been volunteered for current revision of each chapter.

As you read, please read with an eye on how anything can be said better, in simpler terms, more universally, and in some cases you may feel the need to correct or challenge what I have laid as the introductory version of this Plan.  This is good.  Our best plan needs to come from our world’s best minds and ideas on the various subjects that have to do with our short and long-term survival and the healing and protection of the balance of nature and the other life forms we share this planet with.

A Plan To Save Earth is being presented in its introductory “Revision 1.00” form as a five-pronged plan, with one chapter for each of the prongs.  There is also a Forward Intro and in the near future, a useful and well-structured, ever-growing and refining Appendix.

My best forethought is to isolate all the deeply technical aspects of our Plan into the Appendix.  In this way, we can keep the essentials of our plan within the main chapters of the Plan, maintaining them to be as user-friendly and universally-relatable as possible.  The chapters must truly aim for the common denominators which can invite and unite us all, or as many of us as possible, across every language, culture, age group, etc.

The Appendix can swell as big as it needs to be and contain all the programming code, the science, schematics, ever-current statistics, and whatever other long lists of data or information we need to gather and maintain as we share with one another, intelligently pursuing our most empowering and fair & equal courses of action.

The online book dedicated to become our shared collaboration along with a Forward, Introduction and hopefully in the near future, a very informative and well-structured Appendix.

The five prongs include preparing for and surviving through the tough future that we are approaching, a new global human communication channel, a nonprofit supporting the technical core which supports the international open source volunteers and paid staff to facilitate our new communication channel, an earth Sabbath and relative wisdom throughout each week and across our society in working with our planet to restore it’s healthy balance, and the globally inclusive Conversation, Equal Vote and Unified Action I believe is required in order for us to turn this one big ship around, this human ship, before it goes over the waterfalls of self-destruction.

Throughout all five prongs the underlying message is our survival requires unity;  unity requires equality; equality requires communication, a new type, which we can build together, support and expand and expand until we have reached and included those without computers, cell phones or Internet or even landline telephone service.

This unity I hope we will work together at once to achieve is possible through the well-moderated conversation, equal vote and unified action which I believe are the essential ingredients paramount to our survival and the healing of our Earth.

United we stand, divided we fall.  As a species, this is our moment, so Carpe Deim:  Let’s Do this.

Please join me now, let’s get on the path together for our survival and for restoring the balance of nature to our dear, lovely planet.

Please come with me now, with your heart and your mind, and your invitation to help write, vote and carry out A Plan To Save Earth.

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