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JD Sebastian, Creator of WEPT.TV

Welcome to WEPT.TV — World Environment Protection Team

The time to save ourselves from runaway climate change is now.  and for some really GOOD NEWS for us human beings who are living together right now on Earth:

Since we are causing the climate to change we can stop doing that!   

Why would we want to do that?  Because our lives depend upon it.  Because our future drinking water supplies depend upon it.  Our international scientific community has been trying inform all of this to us for years, but they’re not too late, more and more of us are now paying attention.

It’s not too late–we’re still here, aren’t we? 

We shall now begin to phase down our burning of fossil fuels.  Where past efforts have been incomplete, we will complete them.  We can do this. It’s fully achievable!

Why aren’t we all trying at once, working together? 

What profit will any one of us enjoy when we cannot breathe because we allowed our globe’s critical to our lives rainforest to be sold for greed and slaughtered, bringing on the famine.

Who do we get out of this conundrum?  

Now, please forgive me if you find any repeated content below.  I assure you, what is to follow is important enough that it will be worth your while to read through it.   Before long, you may find yourself helping to reword the message, to improve it… or to translate it through art, language and song to others.

Let us choose together that

  1. we want to live
  2. we want to
    1. discuss this
    2. plan this
    3. do the things necessary to be done by all of us at the same time, to support our best hopes in succeeding.

We can begin to cooperate with our planet’s natural systems, or “Mother Nature”, “Gaia”, or “Mother Earth”, as I like to call Her, but either way, it’s our one and only Habitat. 

Can we can all effectively agree.on pulling back on our destructive practices as quickly and as painlessly as possible?  Good.  I heard a yes.  And you’ll agree, then, that this will take communication, right?  A new kind.  A network we can trust because we own it–all of us. 

It may begin as a simple website but it must grow to expand beyond the current Internet as we know it.  Perhaps that will mean we will form a new browser, and ultimately come up with a network which expands to people offline and cooperation which will extend to those not yet accounted for, such as migrants and refugees of every type and form. 

This is it. If we trash it, we die.  End of story.  Say “no way!”

(Go on). 

Will you ask yourselves, really, ask yourself: 

What will it take to

  1. Stop our human-induced global warming?
  2. Stop these wildfires? 
  3. Stave off that sea rise? 
  4. Turn back down those monster hurricanes?
  5. Calm down those volcanoes?

Earth’s reacting to us.  She’d rather not have us die and take all of Her lifeforms down with us. 

Let’s cooperate with Her.  We can only do that by starting to come together. 

I’d like to help with that. Thank you for considering joining me, supporting the work, and join the conversation and the formation of our hope for a better tomorrow.

What will it take to stop heating up our planet?  Are we all aware of what will happen if we don’t stop doing that?

Hint: It’s not just about penguins and polar bears drowning….

This website addresses this issue head-on, as I am hoping that we–all of us–will soon be doing, together. 

May this website be the beginning of a collaboration of forming of a new communication tool which we fellow human beings will be able to utilize to connect with one another in the new types of ways our current and unfolding situation requires.

The book which I have begun, A Plan To Save Earth, has entered its final days of writing and editing for “Revision 1” right here on wept.tv.  Subsequent revisions will be co-written by us–all of us who will participate. 

What I am proposing is a concerted effort to bridge human language barriers and come together as quickly as possible as a species, a cohesive human society, working together, so that each of us has a chance to live. 

“World Peace” and “World Unity” under any circumstances is to be desired and is an admirable aspiration.  I am not being admirable here, in our present situation, I suggest to you that it has become an actual requirement to our near future and sustained future survival. 

We can do this because we must.  In every language.  All hands on deck.  Both online and offline.  From the offices to the tribes in jungles,  Please don’t think of me as radical, think future, think survival–yours and your loved ones: 

All of us — we really are in this together.

I beg of your attention and willingness to get started. 

We need to communicate with one another as a species for the first time in human history, it has become a new imperative for survival. 

A Homo sapien is not a ratt on a treadmill, nor a mice chasing an impossible-to-reach piece of cheese. We have been living in the way we were taught by our parents or slightly adjusted to that. Some of the things in our lives which seemed just fine a few years ago must give way to new ways of cooperating with each other and our blessed Earth.

Survival will require World Unity.  World Unity will require Equality.  Equality will require Communication, a new, secure, open-sourced and transparent communication channel.  No advertisements and no one person or entity rising above another. 

I assure you I didn’t come up with that one on my own.  

Okay, Humanity, are you ready to do something new? 

Let’s do an Ant Trick! 

Hell yes. If the ants can act collectively as one organism, then why, oh why, can’t we?

Si, si puede!  Yes, we can! 

Please realize this will require a concerted effort.

We homo sapiens have built-in high priority adrenaline to survive.

Survival instincts, hey you, activate within me. Help me to survive..  

I want to live!  I want to breathe air with oxygen from the forests and the healthy surface plantlife of my planet’s oceans.  Yes, I do, I really do, oh my God.  What, oh what, would happen if the oxygen level dipped too low.  

You know, we’ve got to be proactive about these things, we really can’t wait any longer.

I want water!  Oh, how thirsty I get.  How thirsty my dogs look as they approach their water bowls. I don’t know any farmers but I hear they need lots of water to grow that food I’ve been getting at the grocery store. 

I like trees.  Do you like them, too? 

I live in Southern California.  I can tell you how thirsty they get.  I name the ones in my neighborhood and greet them often as intimate friends. I take a good look at each one.  It’s amazing how obvious it is when they get thirsty… and how vulnerable. 

But thirst. Ah man, that’s the one that really gets me. Three days.  That’s all it takes. That is how dependent we are on fresh drinking water.  Gone in three days. One Australian man allegedly broke the world record at 18 days without water. Some say Jesus went for 40 days.  None of those are reasonable margins of error for us water-dependent creatures going through our present climate change.  I don’t mean to be preaching to the choir.  I know some of you have already begun to suffer extreme loss due to water, whether by floods or drought,  

“God bless you.”.   No, wait a minute, that’s what you say to a poor hungry homeless person groaning, reaching their hands out to you as you smile and pass them by.  How about, “I bless you”.  Better yet, how about “We bless you– every one of you–all of us”?   Yes, we can. 

The way we’re going to be able to get fresh water in our near future is going to change.  Carpe Diem, people!  Let’s be proactive now while there is time to prepare so we can be a resilient species to the changes which are inevitably going to come, whether we come together to begin to heal the climate, or not. 

Think about the natural flow of clean drinking water:  Where it comes from?  I know, we learned this in elementary school, or as little children from our parents.  But think about it now.

How does our drinking water form?  How does it flow?   If it’s flooding in some parts and drying up in others, severely so, shouldn’t we be thinking about capturing and distributing it now?  Storing it in vast amounts, for the possible future of no helpful fresh water storms anywhere?

This happened at least once before on our planet in the days of Joseph, a biblical and historical person who captured, stored and then distributed massive amounts of grain and water because he foresaw a drought coming up. People in the land of Egypt and those who traveled to Egypt were saved during the seven-year famine they went through.  

Joseph prepared, but have we?  Where is the appropriate planning on behalf of all of us going on?  Capture. Store. Distribute.  We must be better adapters as a species and cooperate if we are going to both survive and heal our climate. 

That is what this website is dedicated to!

Some people say I am too wordy.  I apologize!  But the best isyet to come so don’t give up on me now.

I pledge my allegiance to Earth and to all the lifeforms She supports.  Damn it, this is my planet.  She gives me water, food, and air.  She gives me trees, lakes, rivers and streams. Forests to walk through, trees go give shade. She keeps me warm while preventing me from over heating. Her sea shall stand still and our lands will remain free, but only if my allegiance is spread out to all human beings.

I pledge allegiance to my people, the people of Earth.  I choose to have no enemies, no matter what may befall  If I fall victim to a conquering foe, I shall wish the enemy well and surrender rather than be a part of conflict which destroys all. May it not be so. Rather, let me cooperate with my brothers and sisters all across the world to stop what have done as a species to our climate, and to our one, shared habitat.

Fix Climate & Survive. Support each other in the process.  Reset in order to avoid extinction. 

I pledge my allegiance to survive and assisting in the days ahead. I pledge my allegiance to the trees of the forests.  I support not doing any more human-caused species extinctions.  All lifeforms on Earth depend upon me and my fellow human beings to get it right. I pledge my allegiance to that.

And I pledge this website to that.  I offer it to all of you who are alive on Earth and wish to participate. I trust sufficient support will sustain those who work fulltime on the project.

From the ground up my intentions for www.wept.tv are that this is Our website, Our channel, serving All of Us, as Equals. 

My purpose is that everyone can be invited to the table, that everyone be included in the types of necessary conversations and agreements which need to be going on which have to do with our survival and fixing of our climate problem here on Earth.  

Each person gets one vote. Open-Sourced, designed and engineered by the International internet society of volunteers and supported by a core staff of programmers, designers, and engineers which I propose we assign the name “Techforce for Humanity,”  Serving as a non-profit initially based in Los Angeles, California and purposefully propagated across the world with support for our new communication channel happening in every region and in every language.

I have initially suggested guidelines which I believe you may understand are meant to insulate our shared and growing communication platform from greed in all its forms. 

Raise your conscious with me, I beg of you, even for a moment, let yourself reconsider the idea of world unity. 

I heard the news that it can’t be done. 

Since world unity is required for our near future survival, then why not? 

The past doesn’t equal the future!  What was once considered impossible has been made possible over and over throughout the history of our species, as we have evolved over time on this planet.

We are homo sapiens! 

We are too intelligent to knowingly shoot ourselves in the foot and wipe ourselves off the face of existence, off the face of the planet.  Oh no, no, no, no.  We are survivors!   Gosh darnit, we want to live! 

Please catch the wind, catch the fire, catch the wave of the revolution that has already been brewing, but is now ready to come together. 

The global human revolution is coming, and I am praying day and night that the revolution is here.

It is you and it is I. 

Let us begin to work together and bring our focus on surviving long enough to figure this whole thing out.  Let us comprehend together the new rules for surviving and our best ideas on solving the climate problem while working together to minimize collateral damage or suffering from any changes we agree and actuate together. 

If we are not fair we will war as the resources dwindle, and if we war, we kill ourselves off all the quicker, no longer able to come together to fix this ickky inbalance of Nature we humans have caused and are currently perpetuating. 

Don’t listen to anyone who tries to convince you that it is too late is gravely mistaken.


To think we mere mortals have any clue just how powerful Nature can show herself to be when we allow Her to get back Her resiliency!   

Think about it.

Has Humanity at any time since we have become aware of the climate problem managed to come together and try a well-coordinated, measured and fair fossil fuel phase down to see if Earth responds to our effort?

We have relied on our governments who have been in a disabling dance with the economy, the corporations, the legal systems, and the fossil fuel industry.  Not a single one of them is to blame.  We just evolved in these ways.  Some are rich, some are poor, but all need air, water, and food. We have every reason to unite– every one of us–and no more reason to divide. 

10 years of research and unquenchable appetite has gone into this website and the Plan To Save Earth chapters.  

I am not suggesting I have all the answers.  I am stating that as one who wishes to survive, I crave our world’s best and brightest minds on each subject relevant to my safety and longevity on Planet Earth to come forward, to address us all at the same time, in our own language and we will be able to respond, to discuss, to vote, to agree to act together as we navigate through the slings and arrows our current upset balance of Nature will likely bring upon us.

I have stated boldly what I believe to be true.  But I believe there are brighter eyes and wiser minds that are reading these word right now and thinking of still better–or additional–ideas then and to mine. This is the nature of A Plan To Save Earth–it is designed to become our plan, as we choose to join hands and save our land, rivers, lakes, streams, oceans, glaciers, the whole shebang.

We are watching Earth’s health wane due to our recent neglect and ignorance. 

Join with me, let us lock hands and agree to save Earth.

Our Movement does not involve guns.  If those with guns should mow us down, they would only be shooting themselves in the foot. 

A united consumers must make informed decisions together. 

Does that product hurt the ocean life?  Of course, that product no longer exists, we banned it when we came together and agreed to stop destroying our sealife by our neglect. 

Plastic straws?  Huh, sugar?  Oh yes, dear, they used to give us those things at restaurants.  Oh but when we came together we decided to stop killing the dolphins, whales and sea turtles with our disposable plastics.  It was really bad, back then.

This is our near future if we work together now. 

Let’s get started in the effort to tangibly support such unity, in both understanding the issues pertaining to our ability to remain living on Earth, and working together to resolve them.   

There was a time in which world unity was nothing more than a dream but now let us observe together how it has become a “do or die” reality.

wept.tv is dedicated to the hope of serving the possibility of such unity.  Unity will require communication, a different kind of communication, a new level of communication, one which ideas presented here will soon be well-translated and well-moderated active forums. Conversations between billions of us are possible, doable, and like a flash flood, have become necessary for our present times. 

Concurrently, due to a clear trajectory of where climate change is leading, the way we get our fresh drinking water will be changing soon.  We will need to be adaptive and well-coordinated with each other in order to adapt to these changes and to survive together as we move into our near future days and years together, as a global human village living among other life forms on Earth.

The time to capture and store water while it’s available is now.

A concerted effort to connect us to organize ourselves to capture and store mass amounts of drinking water while it’s coming down the mountains or overflowing the rivers.

Unite as equals, organize ourselves and take remedial actions for short term emergency survival and long term fixing the climate problem (which we ourselves are currently causing and driving, so we ourselves can stop doing that before there is no more habitat for any of us).

If we don’t come together and begin this concerted effort to unite, capture and store resources now, I believe we will be taken out when what appears obvious to me to be a fast-approaching global famine hits all of us.  If we don’t unite in an effort to protect ourselves while banning together to protect each other, then tiny and large scale conflicts will destroy us, as we fight each other for dwindling resources. 

I believe in my species.  I believe we are better than this.  We are survivors, and we are smart enough to stop and look around, come together, and get to work.

While we live off of what we’ve stored up, we will work together to do what we can to restore the balance of nature so the rains return to normal helpful patterns and the poles get cold again.

I perceive it to be very possible for our world’s best and safest ideas to come forward for the rest of us to join in the quest to make it happen: if our lives depend upon it, I think it could be within our will—no matter what’s going on—to do it.

The rich have even more to lose than the poor, but should we fail to come together—to band together as equals—our warming will reach the point where our oxygen sources stop making our air breathable. 

This is not bad news, but it’s news to be taken seriously and acted on it with swift hind’s feet.

I believe the earth will astound us with how fast she can regain her resiliency once we homo sapiens begin to give her a chance. There may be hope left, but we have to come together. I know we can do this. Who wants to get started? 

We will need to communicate globally like we have never communicated before. A team must come together to help make it happen.  Our world’s brightest minds on subjects related to our safety and survival could be supported in a new way to make it possible for them to be before all of us.  As one who has walked a long road of network and internet technology, I’d like to propose this to you:

Technology is ready to serve Humanity for the purpose of our survival and the healing of our planet.  I propose we being to gather together around a new U.S.-based (for starters) but Internationally focused non-profit, called Techforce for Humanity, a group of paid internet professionals who will foster and support an international society of programmers, engineers, designers and the like to team up on a new type of “facebook” for all of humanity, with advanced but user-friendly translation baked into the foundation code.  It’s purpose will be to create the possibility for all of us to get on the same page.  Techforce members will model what we hope to see in the world: equality in all directions, so we can work together and stop competing.  Techforce will be owned by the people, supported by the people and for the people of the earth.  The new communication channel which shall arise will be intended to reach all people, including those without technology.  It will be the most comprehensive communication network human civilization has known.

I have begun some beginning steps in the process by opening the website, techforceforhumanity.org

I propose that we begin our communication channel and collaboration platform on the website www.wept.tv

I propose we build something that would live up to the words “Harmonized Language International Symposium” and get the job done as quickly as possible.

Begin on the Internet as it currently functions while progressing at a rate competent to meet changing demands pressed upon it, with essential added network resilience to meet our changing planet’s infrastructure challenges. 

There are ways to achieve all of this, and our world’s best minds will be supported in sharing with all with all invited to participate and respond.

I have many more adjacent ideas, but my best thought is to get the platform started where all can participate and all our best ideas can come forward with hopes and efforts to make it further possible for those ideas to be followed globally and supported.

Though I am presenting this, I humbly suggest that Earth is suggesting it. 

Choose Life.  All my creatures depend on you to make that choice, my loves, says Earth.

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